CBCnews Multimedia | Photojournalist Ed Ou covers the Arab Spring

I had the pleasure of interviewing Getty Reportage/NY Times photographer Ed Ou after his World Press Photo winning coverage of refugees in Somalia went on display in Toronto. However, it was his more recent work photographing the Arab Spring revolt in Egypt that brought us together.

Screen grab of our story featured on CBC

Screen grab of our story featured on CBC's Arts and Entertainment page

Nearly a year after those initial mass demonstrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square forced the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, Egyptians are back in Tahrir as their country moves towards the first post Mubarak parliamentary elections in 30 years.
As of November 26, 2011, nearly 40 people have been confirmed killed as police and protesters clash. Ed is back in the mix in Tahrir and we’ll be following his coverage closely.

To see Ed’s story on CBC, follow the link below:

For more on the continuing story of the Egyptian uprising, head here:

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Wedding at the Vancouver Law Courts | Jo + Andrew get hitched at Robson Square

Newly weds, Jo + Andrews on the steps of the Law Courts at Robson Square in Vancouver

Boom! And like that, Fall is basically come and gone… the summer just a memory. But lets jump back in time to September, just for a moment, when it was warm and perfect in Vancouver. Specifically, cast your mental gaze back to Saturday the tenth… 25 degrees, ocean breeze, flips flops and tank tops… classic Vancouver summer. Perfect day for a wedding!

Joanne and Andrew tied the knot at the Law Courts (The Supreme Court of Canada, to be specific), at Robson Square, smack in the middle of downtown Van. Its a great venue, inside and out. Bright, airy, super cool architecture with lots of space to move, plus a bomber dance floor, which got used. Hard. Just check the pictures… lets just say, these folks like to move.

The deets: Jo and I met at BCIT while we were in J-school (journalism, that is). Jo may hold the record for the earliest wedding booking I’ve ever taken. Basically, as soon as she learned I was a wedding photog, it was on. No worries that, at the time, her wedding was nearly three years away! The time did come, however and man, was it worth the wait. We had a blast. Joanne’s extended family – some flying in from as far afield as the Philippines – was an absolute joy to photograph! Andrew’s father’s speech and presentation of custom-made Bavarian bells was perhaps the sweetest I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. But, enough talk, all you need to know is, there ain’t no party like a Filipino wedding!

Here are some pictures from the day.


Its been ages since I posted to the blog… but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. Lots on the go these days, which is good, because it means there’s a wealth of stuff I need to get up! As we head into winter (my first in Toronto…) I have a feeling there will be a lot more indoors time in my future… so expect a blast of blog activity over the next couple weeks!

talk soon,


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Port Coquitlam Baby Photography | Baby Soham, zombie slayer in training

Baby Soham, catching some Z's between chapters of Zombie Survival Guide

The photo fiesta continues as the summer gigs roll through post.  On this cold, rainy Toronto evening, home on the couch editing with a G&T in hand is feeling pretty good. Does that count as drinking on the job? Anyway, on to the new family photos!

Ok, so on this last trip home to B.C. I was pumped to get calls from two of my favourite colleagues-turned-clients, right out of the blue. Coincidence, the universe… not sure, but it was awesome to reconnect. One of those re-connections was with a former CBC Vancouver friend, Anu. We’d worked the television newsroom together, as well as the then fledgling web department – back to my intern days actually –  so it was a blast to touch base again after a few years. Some big changes, not the least of which being the addition of Soham, Anu’s new baby boy!

The little guy is only six weeks old and already has a tonne of personality. It was a pleasure hanging out and shooting with the fam, in between talking shop!

Thanks a tonne for inviting me over guys, it was a blast. Now, the photos.

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Grouse Mountain Wedding Photography | Paul+Chuck’s Vancouver wedding

Paul and Chuck outside the Hyatt in Coal HarbourI recently had the pleasure of photographing Paul and Chuck’s wedding on a beauty of a Vancouver day. The couple couldn’t have picked better venues either. We got the ball rolling at the Hyatt Regency in Coal Harbour for some family and wedding party shots, then rolled into the ceremony and reception dinner atop Grouse Mountain. It was a classic day as the sun dipped towards the horizon over Georgia Straight, bathing the ceremony – held on the Observatory restaurant deck – in golden light. Perfect. Congratulations to the newly weds!

More from me on the wedding, including some lighting challenges and how we over came them to come. For now, a sneak peek at some of the shots from the day. Enjoy!




Paul and Chuck outside the Hyatt in Coal Harbour

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Vancouver Beach Wedding | Kristy+Shane’s Spanish Banks ceremony

Newly wed Kristy+Shane rocking it on Spanish Banks

Its been an epic couple of months with multiple trips between Toronto, Vancouver and points in between, but I’m finally getting a handle on the season’s edits. And that means, its back to the much neglected blog!

This post goes way back to June (so sorry for the wait guys!) and an amazing day we had with Kristy+Shane on a drizzly Spanish Banks. Ok, lets be straight up, it was dumping at times, but the couple and their guests – many of whom we recognized from Kristi+Geoff’s Coal Harbour wedding last year –  were champions and embraced the weather with brollys in hand. It was a blast to shoot with such cool people at one of my favourite spots, especially since I’d just escaped some nasty humidity in Toronto the night before. I for one, was stoked to be back on the coast for a classic Vancouver day at the beach!

Big thanks to Angela Stearns for throwing the wellys on and risking her gear with me!

And now, some photos from the day…

Thanks for stopping by,




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