Monthly Archives: October 2010

Tofino: Surf Town Canada | a soundslide created for the CBC by Evan Mitsui

For Canadians, the tiny town of Tofino, B.C. on the western-most extent of Vancouver Island is the epicenter of our country’s burgeoning surf scene. The conclusion of the second annual O’Neill Cold Water Classic surf contest has cast a spotlight on the popular beach-side hamlet, leaving the 1700 permanent residents wondering if the exposure cast by local professional surfers like Peter Devries will help keep the former fishing town afloat.

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Vancouver dog photography | Boneheads dog hikes

Photography by Evan Mitsui | A dog hike with the Boneheads. These are some stills I shot for a promotional video we’ll be doing for our dog hikers, the Boneheads! Rosa and Jeff have been walking my dog, Tanah for a few months now so it was great to get to go out with them to see the pack in action. They’re a wild bunch!

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